Left Side Pain

Left side pain is a natural warning signal that is intended to prevent further damage of our body. Physicians divide this side of an abdominal area into lower and upper quadrants. So a human being may suffer from upper hurt orlower. Both of them indicate that something is going wrong in the human organism. The true cause of hurt can be diagnosed only by a highly qualified doctor. What can a person do if he/she feels spasms of pain on this side? What organ is damaged? What has caused internal dysfunction? In this article we are going to explain basic reasons of this hurt and provide you with knowledge of main processes that are going on in the human body.

Hurt under Rib Cage

digestive tract

Pain under rib cage is distinguished by its suddenness and intensity. Never panic! Only on a basis of a proper medical investigation a highly qualified physician can identify the nature of your ache. The possible causes might be:

1) If the hurt begins in the back and gradually moves forward, it may be a sign of a stone in the left kidney. A lot of people get kidney stones regularly. Our nutrition is responsible for stone formation. The main reasons are low water intake and high intake of refined sugar, animal protein and carbonated water. Men belong to the high risk group at the age of 30-40, women - later.

2) Rib damage is usually easy to diagnose. The injury is accompanied with skin bruising. So it is comparatively simple to understand what kind of doctor you should visit.

3) Spleen damage is a very dangerous injury as spleen produces red blood cells. The organ is an important part of the immune system. Abdominal hurt can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, difficult breathing and faintness.

4) Viral hepatitis indicators are hurt under ribs, yellow skin and dark urine. A person infected with viral hepatitis needs medical treatment as soon as possible. The disease is easily transmitted by contact with an infected person.

5) Gas presence always leads to pain and discomfort. hurt caused by gas that is blocked in the left side of the body is brief and very intense. Sometimes hurt may last for months or even years accompanied by periods of severe cramps, thatís why it can be mistaken for a sign of a more serious disease.

Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural condition of a womanís body; nevertheless, it can be quite uncomfortable for a woman. Every expectant mother can make a few solid complaints about morning nausea or back pain. The point all expectant mothers are afraid of is abdominal pain. No wonder, they worry about their babies. Can hurt during pregnancy be normal? What can cause discomfort and pain of a pregnant woman?

One problem that can cause hurt in this side is very dangerous for life of a pregnant woman and for organs on this side of body. It is connected with the implantation of fertilized eggs in the inappropriate places such as fallopian tube, cervix, ovaries and abdomen. These are the cases of life-threatening emergency. A doctor should take measures to save a womanís life. Such pregnancy complication is called an ectopic pregnancy. It is characterized by hurt in this side that begins on the sixth week of pregnancy and grows with time becoming excruciating.

Other common reasons that can be indicated by ache are connected with a state of an expectant motherís health. During pregnancy all internal organs are squashed. There is not enough room for them. And all chronic diseases as well as predilections show their worth. Suffering from hurt in this side can indicate kidney stones, food poisoning, appendicitis, pancreatitis, gall bladder problems, stomach flu, constipation, etc. Common hurt for all pregnant women is back hurt. In most cases an expectant mother shouldnít worry about it. Back hurt is quite normal and can be easily explained by back overexertion. Sometimes back hurt can be also caused by stress. It is strongly recommended for the pregnant women to learn some relaxation techniques.

Preterm labor and miscarriage might also begin with sharp hurt in this side, but in such cases a pregnant woman will have also other symptoms: bleeding, spotting, fever, chills or nausea. If a pregnant woman feels sharp ache in the side and has one of these additional symptoms, she should immediately visit a doctor.

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